@ ROCK




   Give it away now.

  - Red Hot Chili Peppers

  - Give It Away @1991


      Sleep like a pillow.

      No one there.

       – My Bloody Valentine

       – Only Shallow @1991


    ・ ROCK


      Tonight, I’m a rock ‘n’ roll star.

       – Oasis

       – Rock ‘n’ Roll Star @1994


      Everybody decadancing

      Dancing to the decadence

      Dancing to the decadence dance.

       – Extreme

       – Decadence Dance @1989


    ・ METAL


      Don’t ask what you can do for your country

      Ask what your country can do for you

       – Dave Mustaine

       – Take No Prisoners @1990


      Kill’Em All.

      Kill’Em All.

      Kill’Em All.


       – The Crown

       – Kill’Em All @2003 / 1983


      Live another day

      Climb a little higher

      Find another reason to stay

       – Dream Theater

       – Another Day @1992


Now I know, there’s a better way

Let my heart ride out for a brighter day

Now it’s time to breathe in the open air,

With a mind so free,

Anyway It’s time for a change,..

It’s Time to Break Free

 - Time to Break Free @1995


  @ PUNK


    ・ PUNK。

      Two plus two equals four

      Four plus four equals eight

        – This Heat

        – S.P.Q.R. @1981


      I am not able to understand anyone who confine you

      You do not notice someone who confine you.

       – Shigeru Izumiya

       – Lightning speed and Silver shoes @1980



      Light Blue And Yellow overflow and shake,

      play together in sound and light, beyond the passion.

       – Tamaya 2060 %

       – みずいろときいろ @2015


    ・ NEW WAVE。

      Solving a crossword puzzle,

      I am stranger tonight too as always

      This is story about you.

       – Motoharu Sano

       – Visitors @1984



      Tsurena no furiya

       – PANTA & HAL

       – Tsurena no furiya @1979


    ・ UTENA。


      there is Pneumatic.


      are Pneumatic.

       – Maki Kamitani

       – Virtual Star Embryology @1997


      Sara demo sugoki tuki no yo ni

      Akugare ide tamahi zo ya

       – Maki Kamitani

       - Non-man illusion soul fusion art @1997







      Do you remember love?

       – Macorss @1982



      Takaki kana Sora no ao

      Hateshi naku Kiyo raka ni

      Habatakishi wa Nanji ga kokoro

       – Gekidan Shiki

       – Burial / Yume Kagura @2002


      I am lazy.

      So, I have no money.

      Sitting patiently,

      I smoke my cigarette butt.

       – Makoto Kubota and the Sunset Gang

       – Shikemoku gurashi @1974



      Everything Everything

      Everything that matters to me

      Matters in this world

      ( I LOST )

       – Arianne

       – Komm, susser Tod @1997 / 1716


      I’m a prisoner of your love.

       – Yngwie Malmsteen

      – Prisoner Of Your Love @1994 / 1685 – 1750



  @ JAZZ


    ・ JAZZ。

      Love me or leave me and let me be lonely.

      You won’t believe me but I love you only

       – Nina Simone

       – Love me or leave me @1958


      I wanna be loved by you

      Just you, and nobody else, but you

       – Marilyn Monroe

       – I wanna be loved by you @1959


    ・ FUSION。

      I can not defeat you,

      because you leave me without scruple like that.

       – Akira Terao

       – Habana Express @2006 / 1981


      I know your almost thing

      I know your something feeling too

      When you act deliverately

      Your move is difficult.

       – Isao Bito

       – She is mooving on @1981


    ・ Progressive。

      Sundown dazzling day

      Gold through my eyes

      But my eyes turned within only see

      Starless and bible black

        – King Crimson

        – Starless @1974


      Charleston Dream I do not leave you alone

      Listen, you can hear it

      Charleston Dream

       – いーえるP / Tiny Symphony

       – チャールストンドリーム @2008


      I don’t know why but you’ll surely know

      Cat Eyes, you will surely know.

       – A.C.T

       – Cat Eyes @1999



  @ DX




       Vogue these days, Degital control,

      Multi Media, I say Good morning Yeah!

       – GANASIA

       – Electrical Communication @1997


    ・ GM+

      Life is game.

      It is important to rest and look back.

       – Snowman / woman in glasses



    ・ paraoka


      Loneliness catharsis open shut them

      If it waves, Horizon 

      is covered by that hand.

       – Milomuu

       – Horizon @2009




      Spending over time and effort,

      Let`s make it.

       – haru*nya

       – Kastera @2013


    ・ imoutoid。

      I’ll make all the scenes

      reflected in your viewfinder

      Into my songs

       – kz  ( livetune )

       – Finder @2008


      Childfood dream is un-fading graffiti

      I draw as I wish

      It leads to future as that is drawn.

       – Suara

       – Musoka @2000


    ・ ZARD。

      I become accelerated,

      and I like you.

       – ZARD

       – Oh my love @1994


      If I have a courage, in that moment, 

      I would not have lost you.

      It’s too late

      Nostalgia of distant days.

       – Izumi Sakai

       - Nostalgia of Distant Days @1992



    ・ FF。


      Music is nothing special, everyone.

      Everybody listen their favorite music, and

      play their musical instrument on their own style.

      that is all.

      It will be fun.

       – Nobuo Uematsu

       – Final Fantasy 4 Celtic Moon @1991



      THANK YOU。




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