・ TECHNO。


      I get up in the morning

      I wear clothes

      I get on the bus as usual,

      looking the outside view …

       – マクロス MACROSS 82-99

       - Horsey feat. Sarah Bonito @2014



      Originally One thousand times Record Creation Structure

      Corruption Heroshima

       – Denki Groove

       – Expo Heroshima @2008




      Fall in love with music, fall in love with dance

      Fall in love with anything that makes you want romance

       – Jam & Spoon

       – Right In The Night (Fall In Love With Music) @1993


      I want to give you energy.

      I want to give a good thing.

      I want to give you everything。

       – Underworld

       – Cowgirl @1994





      Afternoon in the tokyo cafe。

      Let`s go to Tokyo cafe。

        – CAPSULE

        – 東京喫茶 @2001


      happy happy happy life generator…

       – CAPSULE

       - happy happy life generator @2005





    ・ ANISON。

      “Zero” is the past, “One” is the future,

      “The present” is nowhere to be found

       – Kanako Ito

       – Sky – Clad Observer @2009 


We can walk on our own 

even if everyone around us will disappear

 - Lia

 - Life is like a Melody @2009



    ・ ANISON +


      Hikisakareta ai ga

      Sorekkiri oshimai ni naru to omowazu

      Ichido, shitta ai ha

      Kitaerare tsugi no mono sagasu chikara ni

       – Motoyodhi Iwasaki

       – Ikutumono ai wo kasanete @1983


      Her eyes said

      This parting is a form of love. 

       – Godaigo

       – The Galaxy Express 999 @1979


      I feel dizzy and

      I’m feeling warm fuzzies. 

      Zero – G Love

       – Mari Iijima

       – 0 – G LOVE @1982


    ・ DEMPA。

      Why Why Why

      Why don’t I miss you a lot, forever?

       – Karin Fujisaki

       – Marisa Stole The Precious Thing @2006


      If you are paralyze, using dis-paralyze

      make it cure, that is, dis-sick.

       – Hidehito Aoki

       – Satomi tadashi Drug Store Song @1996



  @ R&B / SOUL


    ・ R&B。

      I can sing my favorite Rhythme and Blues

      for this tempo with dancing…

       – Chuu Kosaka

       - Wandaring @1975



      Members only

      It’s a private party.

      Don’t need no money

      To qualify.

       – Bobby Bland

       – Members Only @1985


      Music is a world within itself

      With a language we all understand

      With an equal opportunity

       - Stevie Wonder

       - Sir Duke @1976



    ・ HOUSE。

      When, I’m sitting home,

      And I’m all alone,

      And I don’t hear no phone

      I need a hot shot

       – Karen Young

       - Hot Shot @1978



      It’s not Over.

       – Ron Hardy

       – It’s not Over @1973


    ・ HIPHOP。


      Cocaine, sensai

      Aspirin, coffee

      Morphine, sugar


      got to go

       – Boogie Down Productions

       – Illegal Business @1988



      Light be cleard by black ink

      Nestled dark in white paddling.


       – Rhymester

       – And I sing again @2004





    ・ BMS。


     In a desperate conflict,

     with a ruthless enemy…

       – siromaru + cranky

       – conflict @2011


      Can you see me ?

       – cranky

       – Luvin’ You @2001 


    ・ BEMANI。



     Yestarday, Tomorrow,

     Earth, and Space,

     I want to break everything like these.

       – Haya-P & Maru

       – Life @1999




     get out!!!

       – L.E.D. – G

       – Hell Scaper @1999





     Are you OK?

       – MOTHER 2 @1994



     Like a gentle wind

     blowing and swaying the grass

     You always

     walked with a smile.

      – MOTHER 2 

      – Smiles and Tears @ 1994



  @ POP

    ・ J – POP。


     ” BOP ” to the end of the opposite shore, here I come !

     Dance ! Shake Your Body All Night.

       – Tamaya 2060 %

       – おおるないとじゃっぷせっしょん @2016


     Gentle people pretend to understand what I feel ache

     , and they talk to me

     , but they soon disappear.

       – GO! GO! 7188

       – TAXI @2004



     But the important thing is what you want to do.

     I want to walk in the Urahara, Shibuya, Meiji street, and Omote-Sando,

     and dress the clothes like a 〝JoJo〟.

       – The Mirraz

       – New World @2013


     Live as you want to live

     I live as I want to live

     Hear my words who want to know what is freedom

     Freedom is convenient word for only one person who talk about freedom

       – Koushi Inaba

       – Cold Blood @1997



     That is OK even if you fell down any number of times

     But you must look at your skinned wound.


       - DIAMOND @2000





     I can sing because you’ve been with me

     I can sing this everlasting singing? over the sky, over the sea

     I want to sing a song with you again, even if it’s just a simple melody.

       – Momoko Fujimoto / Kasane Teto

       – Dear you from U @2010 / 2009


     It does not matter

     which one of us fell for the other first.

       – Ginsaku

       – Iroha Uta @2009



     My reason to live,

     It is singing a song.

       – DaisukeP

       – Letter (song) for Heaven @2008


     Embrace, without letting go of your feelings

     These words, will resound through space

     Thinking of the days that go about.

        – Kotsuban P

       – StargazeR @2008


     Cho kaku wo sumasu Niwaka no yuu nagi

     Ashi wo hayamete Kikoeru yuragi

     Kioku no naka ni nai uta

     Boku ha sikai ni utusu syoujo no sugata

        – karimono

        - Melodic Sister Metal – Sister Line 10 / 10 – @2005


     Life is beautiful

     I wish I could imagine like that

        – ryo (supercell)

       – Tsumi no namae @2016


    ・ POP。


     One won money, two want a show,

     three thought it funny, but four want to go.

       – Slapp Happy

       – The Drum @1974



     She is electric,

     Can I be electric too ?

       – Oasis

       – She’s Electric @1995



      THANK YOU。




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